Gene Pool: how you can help

Dear Friend,

I once asked Jane Goodall how I could help. She encouraged me, in so many words, to look within and get creative about it. I pass along her words of wisdom. There is much to do and your help is needed. As Evelyn in The Monkey Bible says, “Tiny steps, she told herself. Take tiny steps. Even if one’s shoes are not glamorous, even if the steps are not much, they are a start, and after a while the steps may well add up.” Below are some suggestions. Let’s work together and make it happen!

Best wishes,

- Encourage your religious congregation and leaders to initiate wildlife conservation and habitat preservation projects to protect what some call the great tree of life and others call God's creation

- Find a worthy organization and financially support them, such as:

Ape Alliance

Ape Alliance -
Interfaith Power and Light -
E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Fund -
Blue Ocean Institute -

- Support one of our partner organizations

- Help with the vEcotourism project. We need tech volunteers who know web design, html, php, javascript, and linux; we need conservationists and educators to create and host vEcotours; and we need teachers, students, museums, zoos, and the general public who are interested in experiencing tours - email

- Tell your friends (on facebook and otherwise) about The Monkey Bible Project. We have a book (The Monkey Bible) and CD (The Line) for sale from our website or at bookstores, a free iRude iphone app, a youtube channel, a facebook page, a twitter account, a story project, vEcotourism, and an upcoming staged theatrical production called The Monkey Bible Show.

- Vote.

- Don't despair. People of faith are embracing creation care...much needed help is on the way