Music: praise

"‘The Line’ produces ‘Graceland’ like heights of eclecticism and inventiveness, and mirrors the book’s own already lyrical approach to philosophy.”

- Alexander von Bismarck, Executive Director, Environmental Investigative Agency

"While the book made me think, Eric’s songs allowed me to reflect. Reflect on the many themes and messages in Mark’s storytelling. The music helps to create that simpler place, one that is more calm and peaceful. A space that opens the mind and allows it to imagine what each of us can do, embracing many small changes in our personal lives and on a daily basis, to enrich this planet we call home."

- Allan M. Casey, III, Co-founder, WildAgain Wildlife Rehabilitation

"Maring’s musical sweep takes you from meditative guitar music to the chaos of jungle sounds, making the characters and ideas in The Monkey Bible come alive. His imaginative, playful, soulful style works perfectly with this material. A few days after seeing it performed live, I keep finding myself singing 'Sad, Tired, Beautiful World.' Surely a testament to that song's sticking power. It's a great one."

- Pastor Sarah Scherschligt, Prince of Peace Lutheran Church